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Apologies if I’m in the wrong place.

I’m interested in starting a cuff-link business but I’m not a jeweller myself. I would be exceptionally grateful for any advice of suggestions.

I would like to get cuff-links made in batches but I wouldn’t have the capital nor the inclination to get an industrial run set up. I’m thinking of small-run, high-end quality not mass produced, mass market.

I have two ideas I’d like to start with:
1)A simple solid metal design, a stylised animal head.
2)A piece of bone set into a simple metal frame.

Could anyone suggest a ball-park for what Jewellers would charge to make a simple design in a non-tarnising metal, (precious metals not required). I guess a 100 pairs would be a start that if sold would lead to ongoing business?

Can anyone recommend a typical non-tarnishing metal that would be suitable, I’m not looking to add value through the materials used rather something in a silver colour that isn’t expensive and that jewellers would be happy to work with.

If my questions are the wrong questions please feel free to let me know what the right questions are if you know what I mean.

Many thanks for any assistance and thank you for your patience.



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