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Hello. As a formally educated artist, I have been such for over 30 years; first as a photo-realist painter, then a porcelain sculptor and now a jeweler.Never a success (in my terms). Since I don’t work in foundry, with solid gold or Sterling, my intricate beadwork (full of jewelery-store quality components) is seen as “craft”. Thus my hard work has been subjectified as craft fair material, despite my pleas.
Anyway, I have been lowered to donate my work; I have never received referrals or repeat business from auction winners. In one instance, I have given several gifts to a nieghbour’s young daughter. Mom has felt no inclination to purchase anything and has not answered my requests for photos of her daughter modelling my creations. (We are good friends) How can I ask for referrals? She owes it to me. If this were I, I would be embarrassed.

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