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Hello. As a formally educated artist, I have been such for over 30 years; first as a photo-realist painter, then a porcelain sculptor and now a jeweler.Never a success (in my terms). Since I don’t work in foundry, with solid gold or Sterling, my intricate beadwork (full of jewelery-store quality components) is seen as “craft”. Thus my hard work has been subjectified as craft fair material, despite my pleas.
Anyway, I have been lowered to donate my work; I have never received referrals or repeat business from auction winners. In one instance, I have given several gifts to a nieghbour’s young daughter. Mom has felt no inclination to purchase anything and has not answered my requests for photos of her daughter modelling my creations. (We are good friends) How can I ask for referrals? She owes it to me. If this were I, I would be embarrassed.

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cindymarie ...

If you give something as a gift, then nothing is owed you. I have given many gifts without a thank-you (yes very rude). Guess what, I no longer give those people gifts. I figure they didn’t like what I gave them and leave it at that ( I hope they never as for something cause you know what my answer will be!). I enjoy selling items more because if a person spends money on something you know they like it, no thanks needed. I have donated to causes and don’t care if anyone gets back to me or not. Make your art and try selling at local craft shows, or festivals to see how things sell. People call me an artist, I think I am a craft person, who gives a rip, as long as I am happy with what I do. Good luck on your venture