Copper finishing - clear coat sealant OR lacquer OR Anti tarnish OR plating !??

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I have been wanting to make copper hand stamped bracelets as a hobby and want to ask few question about oxidization. My city has high humid levels and the copper blackens within 36hrs. I want to keep its shine last long. How can this be achieved? I have done buffing/polishing the bracelet…although it shines beautifully it still gets my fingerprints asap I touch it and it is temporary. Will polishing + lacquer it with copper – give the desired result. I am not I read terms like plating / clear coat of sealant / anti tarnish / lacquer – are they all the same techniques or different.

As far as I have read there are two ways to achieve this – spray or dip it in some liquid. I would appreciate if you help me with this. Thanks !

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cindymarie ...

I apply wax to my bracelets and tell people to expect the color to change, and how to bring back the shine if they want (then wax again). My favorite is to just do a patina, wax and let the metal do its own thing. People seem to like the rustic look. I also have people wanting copper bracelets for health reasons, those I do not wax the inside, I do wax the outside and just let them know it will tarnish and how to clean if the wish. I wear my natural copper bracelet and it has turned darker which I love. Good luck on your search