Hello I'm new here. I make Bent wood rings and wood and resin jewelry

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Hello everyone,
My name is Rebecca and I have been making wood and resin jewelry for about 3 years now and just recently got into making bent wood rings. Are there any other ring makers here?

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Michal Bulla ...

Wow, these are amazing. Great job!

Spazydoo ...

Thanks Michal. I’m working on a bunch of new designs. I have more ideas than time. I need another lathe and two more hands.

cindymarie ...

Beautiful rings, love them. I don’t do rings, yet so great to see a ring maker out there.

Spazydoo ...

Thank you very much. I am finally done making rings for friends and family so now I can get back to designing new ones! woohoo!

cosyjewelry.com ...

well,every color is very beautiful.

Hobbit ...

Really nice work!