I have some new designs I want to share with you all.

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Walnut Burl Bent Wood Ring with Blue opal center inlay hugged by twin bands of white opal.

Tineo Bent Wood ring with Blue Opal, Jet Stone, and Brass Shavings

Santos Rosewood Bent Wood Ring. No need for an inlay on this beauty.

Purple Heart and Walnut Burl Bent Wood Rings inlayed with Real flowers!

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4 Replies

Wancel ...

They are Cute.
Does the color would be changed from sweat? Like

Spazydoo ...

no sweat will not change the wood color

cindymarie ...

I think all your designs are amazing, vivid colors, that would suit young and old alike. Just beautiful. Makes me want to wear rings. Beautiful job on all of them

Spazydoo ...

Thank you so much Cindy, I love being creative with these rings.. I’m about to post some of my newest ones so check back and let me know what you think