Need help--going to make rings for all the women in may life!

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I am a grandfather and I want to make titanium rings with stones all around them for my wife, 3 daughters, granddaughter, and mother-in-law for Christmas.
I have a metal lathe, so I want to make the rings out of titanium—turned on the lathe, then I plan to drill small “divits” all around the rings and glue in semi-precious stones all around.
I have bought E600 adhesive to glue in the stones

I have never done this before, so my question is: how wide/deep should these partial holes be for gluing in the stones (I realize this will vary with the stones) but lets say a 2-3mm stone?
—Also, what would be the “normal” size for stones like this that are placed in a row around the entire ring? (I found a place where I can buy stones in “lots” and this seems like the cheapest way to go.)
Thanks in advance for the help!


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Michal Bulla ...

Welcome Bob!

I hope someone from our members would be able to help you with this.