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Hello I joined this page a couple of days ago so I thought it was about time I introduced myself I first started making jewellery about six years as a way to raise money for my daughters dance school for a performance they were putting together. So my first pieces were children’s bracelets with plastic beads I enjoyed doing it so much that it just grew from there. So now I work with glass and gemstone chip beads also charms and gemstones . Recently started wire wrapping gemstones and working with wire. I also would like to learn how to do chainmail jewellery. I have sold a few of my pieces but mainly to friends. I also last year went to a couple of fairs to show and sell pieces I had some good response so hoping to do them again this year.

Sarah Lane


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Michal Bulla ...

Welcome Sarah…it’s good to know more about you.

Thanks for introducing!

Sarah Lane ...

Your welcome thank you for your reply