Question about casting: 18K or 14K??

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Hi, I am new to this site and to jewelry making in general. I recently did my first lost wax casting in gold, but had a question that I hope I find an answer to.

Now, at first I was planning on making my cast in 14K solid gold. I did all the calculation of the weight and everything, and it turned out I needed 9 grams of 14K gold material.

Then, I realized I actually have old rings made from 18K solid gold that I could just re-melt and re-purpose. I weighed the rings and they turned out to be 9 grams exact—the amount I needed. (I read that it’s not recommended to ‘recycle’ and re-melt like this, but my instructor said its okay so I went along with it. Also, the piece i made is not for sale, but for myself anyway.)

I did the casting and it came out great, only to realize after the process that I initially did the calculation for 14K, but proceeded with 18K material. (Again, this was my first time doing anything so everything was a bit confusing and foggy)

So my question is, are the pieces I just casted 14K or 18K? I’m assuming 18 since the original rings I used to melt were all 18. But then, I’m also thinking that if I were to proceed with 18K in the first place, the required amount of gold should have been higher than 9 grams, right? (the calculations for 14K and 18K are slightly different.) So do I now have a piece somewhere in between 14 and 18K??

Also second question: Although it did come out great, the color isn’t as vivid as typical gold jewelry. Is this because I messed up the casting above? (casting 18K for a 14K measurement)

Thank you for any feedback.

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