Create a pair of golden ear rings from scratch

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Hello everybody this is my first post
I would like to create a pair of golden ear rings from scratch for my wife
I like hobbies and I am kind of interested in the process, and also I would like to make a surprise to her. Then afterwards I could make other kinds of jewels both in gold and other materials
I would like to start with a relatively simple design like this one

Hoop ear rings
I would make a 3D file (I can use softwares like rhino, etc.) and send it to a laboratory where they can melt gold.
I have 2 problems:
1) Ear ring closure (I don’t know where to start from…)
2) Hollow or not: perhaps the quantity of gold would make them very expensive and it’s better to think of a hollow design, though this would make it more difficult to melt

Push back ear rings
More or less like in this picture

1) Ear ring closure (again this seems to be tricky part…)
2) How to connect the ear ring closure to the rest of the ear ring



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