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Hi, I am looking for some advice, I am a early trader of fabulous gemstone strands, I am looking to sell on part time basis, and I have tried ebay but with very little traffic…any advice would be welcome.

Things I have are gemstones, wire, tools:
Miyuki Seed Beads. (Bronze, Opaque, Silver, Champagne )
4cts Diamond Graduated Faceted Bicones Gemstone Strand
Swarovski Round Extended Cup chain
60cts Lemon Quartz gemstone Strand
58cts Amethyst & Citrine gemstone Strand
58cts Citrine Gemstone Strand
60cts Labradorite Gemstone Strand
52cts Rose Quartz Gemstone Strand
58cts Pink Amethyst Gemstone Strand

And hundreds more….


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