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Hi all,

I’m new to the Jewelers Community, here a quick introduction.

My name’s Thom, but you can call me TJ if you like. I’m active on multiple forums here on the worldwide web, namely on the watch forum Watchuseek. I’m 19, full time student, interested in watches and more recently jewelry, and a full-blown car enthusiast.
I also have a cat named Lucky. He’s a cool cat.

I’ve very recently gotten interested in jewelry and jewelry making, and have absolutely zero knowledge or experience so far, so I’ll be learning a lot from everyone here.

If anyone has good sources of information to learn about jewelry (making) for a novice like myself, please let me know!

I’m also very curious what is recommended to start with first in terms of jewelry making, with very limited tools. I’ve looked at some videos of making silver rings and chains. It’s gotten me interested to work with silver as it’s reasonably affordable, but I’m curious to hear your recommendations.

If you have any questions or just want to say hi, I’d love to chat in the replies!

See you around,
Cheers, TJ (Valksing)


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