ExJewel is the 1st responsible jewelry eco-system

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Did you know that 92% of jewelry is not worn in any given year?
One of the reasons is that fashion trends are constantly changing, making it harder to wear so-called “old-fashioned” pieces.

Meet ExJewel, the 1st responsible jewelry eco-system.

Start by uploading jewelry you don’t wear on our platform for free.
Our digital pricing algorithm takes into account material and immaterial sources of value. Then, our AI follows you through the entire process of repurposing and matches you with professionals and even buyers.

By reusing precious metals and gemstones, we reduce the cost by up to 50% versus new branded pieces. And, this is a piece you will wear, as it contains the memory of your original jewelry and sticks to the latest trends!

So join us by uploading your jewelry now. It’s time to get grandma’s jewelry out of the vault!
Thank you.

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