What kind of “finding” do I need?

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I have a decorative medal, which is round, about the size of a dime. It features a round “ring” at the top, which Is supposed to be used for hanging, as a pendant.

The ring is situated parallel to the medal, so that one would need a jump ring through which to thread the chain, in order to get the medal to sit flat against the wearer. However, I don’t wish to use a jump ring, but would like a more decorative look: I’d like the part (or finding, if that is the correct term) to be a small, round, decorative piece, with two attachments: One, on the back side, which the chain would go through, and one that also would attach to the medal.

I’m sorry if I’m not describing this well enough, but I guess I’d just like something more decorative than just a jump ring.

Is there a name for what I’m looking for?

Thanks in advance for any help here!


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