Vintage inspired jewelry... trendy or timeless?

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Hello everyone!

I love making vintage-inspired jewelry from the Victorian and Edwardian periods including Steampunk and Boho. I mix them up, adding my own edgy touch to the pieces I create. These periods really inspire me. For the last months, I’ve been seeing lots of different creations on the net. But, I wonder…is vintage inspired jewelry trendy or timeless?

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Martin Sojka ...

IMO timeless.

bellatobey ...

Timeless of course. There is nothing better than vintage jewelry, even if it’s just inspired from vintage designs. Like you, I also love vintage-inspired jewelry. In fact, I bought mine from Galicia Fine Jewelers. They are one of the best in the business at what they do. 

Sharon ...

Wow, nice to hear that you have created your own design jewelry. Ya, you can find lots of jewelry making ideas through online. I like to use Timeless Pearl vintage jewelry. In my opinion, vintage-inspired jewelry is trending fashion.

La Boutique Dacula ...

I love vintage jewelry as well and mixing up with boho touch. I wanted to learn more to be artistic when it comes to the bohemian designs.. Mixing the right colors and such

ellen 77 ...

Its a favorite of mine and i enjoy making it and searching for authentic old findings. So it’s timeless for me.

CaitrionaLui ...

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Ram Sharma ...

Great idea. I never went by colour rules until now, but think this may be very helpful. Thank you, Cat!