I've been crafting and creating jewelry since I was a little girl (over 20 years). I have always loved taking simple things like beads and wire and making beautiful things with them. It's so simple and yet it's so amazing because you take almost nothing and you make something out of it, like it's magic. It IS magical. Every wire that I twist or bead that I add becomes part of this creative process that we call jewelry making, and .......I LOVE IT!

I make all kinds of jewelry from beading, to hemp, to wire wrapping or anything else. And if I haven't made it yet, there is a good possibility that I will learn how to make it in the future. My craft of jeweling that I am currently on is wire wrapping/weaving. It's just an amazing process. If you have questions feel free to send me a message.....and happy crafting. :)



Martin Sojka ...

Welcome :)

FaerieMoonfire ...

Thank you.

FaerieMoonfire ...

I just wanted to thank you or whoever picked me for Editor’s Choice. I feel very honored.